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Welded North America Grooved Coupling Distributors

Sales mode:Wholesale
Material:Brass/ductile iron/cast iron
Anticorrosive method:Spray /As buyer's requirements
Rubber ring material:EPDM/FKM/NBR
  • S20-133


  • S20-133

  • Ultra High Pressure Coupling

  • Groove

  • 1"~24"

  • Qingdao, China

  • 16~20MPa

  • 60000 tons/year

  • Red/Can Customize


Welded North America Grooved Coupling Distributors

Our product:

  1. It is made of cast ductile iron and can withstand pressure less than 20MPA.

  2. It consists of shell, rubber ring, bolt and nut.

  3. According to the transmission medium to choose different rubber rings.

  4. According to the different application occasions and the size of the butt pipe, choose different pressure of different sizes of products.

  5. Groove type pipe connection system is a pressure response type sealing system, sealing trap into the end of the two connecting steel pipe, two pieces of clamping sealing ring to bear the pressure of the sealing ring, bayonet into the pipe groove, tighten two round head oval diameter bolt, realize the flexible and rigid sealing connection of the steel pipe.

Material specification:

  • Case: ductile iron

  • Rubber gasket: according to the conveyor belt medium selection of different materials of rubber ring. EPDM, rubber, butyl fine and other materials can be customized.

  • Bolts and nuts: Stainless steel bolts and nuts, carriage bolts according to international standard models. The nut is made of SS304 material.


Company profile

Qingdao Tongchuang Pipeline System Co., Ltd. is located in the coastal city of Qingdao, China. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the development of high-quality piping systems and accessories.

It usually supplies coal and fire protection, but also oil and municipal services. A complete pipeline system generally includes seamless steel pipe, steel pipe coupling, flat gate valve, elbow and other steel pipe accessories.

The seamless steel pipe is independently developed and lined with stainless steel, which increases the corrosion resistance of the inner wall of the steel pipe and increases the service life of the steel pipe. The steel pipe coupling is developed from a single groove to a multi-groove, the use of double groove coupling pressure can reach 20 mpa, the use of three groove coupling pressure can reach 40 mpa, the test pressure before the factory is twice the use pressure.

Tontr pipeline system all use groove connection, foreign countries may use more flange connection, we used to use flange connection, but the flange connection bearing capacity is small, the installation steps are cumbersome, so we developed a groove connection.

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Q: What are your main products?
A: Our company mainly R & D and design remote liquid supply system. It mainly includes scheme design, special process steel pipe, steel pipe coupling, gate valve, elbow, tee, sealing rubber ring and other products.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A:Generally around 15-30 days, the specific time needs to be determined according to the order quantity and distance.

Q:Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are a manufacturer,and our products have been certified by ISO and our other international management systems.


TONTR is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. It is a professional national-level high-tech industry engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sales of high-pressure pipeline systems.

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