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TONTR Fire Suppression Equipment Galvanized Mechanical Tee Grooved Outlet

Sales mode:Wholesale
Material:ductile iron/cast iron
Application:Fire protection
  • S17


  • S17

  • Mechanical Tee

  • Groove connection

  • 1"~12"

  • Qingdao, China

  • less pressure

  • 60000 tons/year

  • Regular is red/Can Customize


TONTR Fire Suppression Equipment Galvanized Mechanical Tee Grooved Outlet

Installation Instruction:

Mechanical connections tee for reducing branch outletswithout welding.

It is a bolted saddle type fittingwith grooved outlets.

Design assures superior sealing, fullpipe support, excellent stability and easy installation.

1. Pipe preparationCut the appropriate size hole in thepipe and remove any burrs.

Be sure toremove the slug from inside the pipe.

Clean the gasket sealing surface within 5/s(16mm) of the hole and visually inspectthe sealing surface for defects that mayprevent proper sealing of the gasket.

2 .Check and lubricate gasketCheck the gasket to be sure it iscompatible for the intended service.

Apply a thin layer of Gruvlok SPF/Anvillubricant to the back surface of thegasket.

Be careful that foreign particlesdo not adhere to the lubricated surfaces.

Insert the gasket back into the outlethousing making sure the tabs in thegasket line up with the tab recesses inthe housing

3. Gasket installation

Lubricate the exposed surface ofthe gasket.

Align the outlet housing overthe pipe hole making sure that the locatingcollar is in the pipe hole.

4. Align the strap around the pipe, insertthe bolts and tighten the nuts finger tight.

5.  Alternately and evenly tighten the nutsto the specified bolt torque.

6. Specified bolt torque is for the oval neck track bolts used on SPF groovedmechanical branches.

The nuts must be tightened alternately and evenly untilfully tightened.

Caution: Proper torquing of mechanical branch bolts is required to obtainspecified performance.

Over torquing the bolts may result in damage to thebolt and/or casting which could result in pipe joint separation.

Undertorquing the bolts may result in lower pressure retention capabilities, lower bendload capabilities, joint leakage and pipe joint separation.

Pipe joint separationmay result in significant property damage and serious injury.

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1.Perfect equipment:

Kinds of production equipment more than 80 sets, professional inspection,testing equipment more than 50sets

2.Strict quality control:

Product manufacturing quality in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system requirements.

3.Safety performance: 

Groove connection mode, automatic precision casting or precision forging forming, high dimensional accuracy, excellent physical properties, safer use.

4.Weight reduction: 

The same 89 mm connector can reduce the weight by 50% compared to the flange connection. 

5.One-stop service:

About the pipeline products customers can buy all in our company, no need to look around.


Company introduce

The company is located in Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. The company mainly develops and produces remote liquid supply projects. The transfer of the emulsion or water to the desired place through a certain pressure. It is often used in fire fighting, coal mining, shipbuilding and other industries.

The company has about 100 personnel, with independent technology research and development department, quality inspection department, production department customer service department and other departments. Three steel pipe research and development and production equipment, dozens of various types of molds, more than 50 test equipment.

Since its establishment, the average number of complete long-distance liquid supply orders per year is about 60. The whole set of remote liquid supply project includes a certain length of steel pipe, steel pipe coupling, control gate valve, diverter, elbow, filter, accumulator and other products. The length is generally 1000 to 2000 meters most common. Among them, our company has done the longest long-distance liquid supply project for coal mines in China with a length of 6000 meters. This project was independently designed, developed and produced by our company. Up to now, it has been in good condition without any problems.

TONTR is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. It is a professional national-level high-tech industry engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sales of high-pressure pipeline systems.

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