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Tontr 2.5 MPa 10inch ductile iron Grooved rigid coupling for fire control

Product composition:
Two-piece shell
A sealing rubber ring
Two bolts and nuts
  • S11-273

  • Tontr

  • S11-273

  • Steel pipe coupling

  • Groove connection

  • 1"~24"

  • Qingdao, China

  • 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4MPa, 10MPa

  • 60000 tons/year

  • Regular is red/customizable

  • EPDM


Tontr 2.5 MPa 10 in ductile iron Grooved rigid coupling for fire control

Product Introduction

Ductile Iron Grooved Rigid Coupling

Grooved Rigid Coupling normally use for the fire fighting works.       This kind of Grooved Pipe Couplings normally can not move or adjust when connect two equal pipes.

Ductile Iron Rigid Couplings are all good quality with excellent material.

Material: Ductile Iron Casting, conforming to ASTM A536 65-45-12 Equal to QT450-12.


Coating: 1. Painting  2. Epoxy  3. Dacromet        

Galvanized Colour: 1. Red  2. Blue  3. White  4. Orange

Packing: Carton on Pallets or negotiable.

Usage:fire sprinkler system or water supply system

Color: red/blue/galvanization

Technics: casting

Surface treatment:epoxy powder/painting/galvanization


Installation method

安装 (1)

1. Check the burrs at the end of the steel pipe

安装 (2)

2. Lubricate the lip and back of the seal

安装 (3)

3. Seal the trap like a tube end

安装 (4)

4. Seal the trap into the other end of the steel pipe

安装 (5)

5. Clamp into the pipe fitting

安装 (6)

6.Tighten the bolts and nuts diagonally

Company profile

The company is located in Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. The company mainly develops and produces remote liquid supply projects. The transfer of the emulsion or water to the desired place through a certain pressure. It is often used in fire fighting, coal mining, shipbuilding and other industries.

We mainly develop and produce remote liquid supply systems.  The longest distance project I have done is 6000 meters.  The company has a cost-saving corrosion resistant steel pipe processing technology.  The company self-made stainless steel pipe, through a series of operations to make the stainless steel pipe and the inner wall of the machine completely fit.  This can not only meet the corrosion resistance requirements of the same grade of stainless steel, but also meet the requirements of the same pressure of the steel pipe.  Greatly save costs, save raw materials.  Grooves are machined at both ends of the steel pipe, and the connection between the steel pipe and the steel pipe and the fitting is connected by a grooved coupling.




1. Have a dedicated customer service team. Pre-sales customer questions, after-sales problems, we can send people to solve at any time.

2. Professional technicians. Engaged in the pipeline industry for more than 20 years, has rich experience in R & D and production.

3. The physical factory has its own production workshop, and the production schedule and product quality can be monitored in real time.

4. Direct delivery from the manufacturer to reduce middlemen to earn the difference.

TONTR is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. It is a professional national-level high-tech industry engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sales of high-pressure pipeline systems.

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